Starting a business is about more than doing what you love.

It takes courage. It takes confidence. It takes discipline. It takes grit.

And it takes support from someone who truly cares about you and your business.

We are here to support you and give your business the visibility it deserves. Our unique process combines coaching and website development so that you have the confidence and tools to take your business to the next level, and walk away with a unique website that truly communicates who you are and why you rock.

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 Website Development+Coaching

Your business rocks and your website should, too.  Have Grit Girls help you develop your unique voice and build a customized website that clearly communicates your brand and tells customers why they should hire you.   Learn more.  

 Project Relief

Do you have specific tasks that you need to do for your business, but that you need a little help with?  We can help with a wide array of tasks, from creating a brochure or flyer, to calling perspective clients for you, to training you on how to effectively use Facebook. Learn more


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Danielle Menditch

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Daniela Uslan

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Our Promise to You

  • Your website will be up and running quickly – within 2-3 weeks.
  • You will always know what is going on because we are responsive and communicate with our clients regularly.
  • We are transparent about our process and our prices, so you will never wonder if you are missing something.
  • We do our work with perseverance, honesty and passion – that’s why we are the Grit Girls!

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What people are saying about Grit Girls

Samantha RaizenDanielle was always a pleasure to work with - both in a professional capacity, as well as personal. She's energetic, engaging, friendly and organized -- all important for the event planning she does. She did an excellent job marketing events to the community and being involved and engaged in the community too.

Director of Marketing and Outreach in Denver, Colorado